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5 Tips for Reopening your with Confidence

1 Accelerate the check-in process and automate waitlists to minimize gathering of people in the lobby.

2 Offer easy access to digital menus that can be viewed by guests on their own devices.

3 Allow guests to order items at any time (including pre-ordering while waiting) to minimize contact with servers.

4 Enable contactless payments that don't require handling credit cards or cash.

5 Stay ahead of existing and new local regulations that might impact you.

MizaniApps is offering a
FREE Contactless Dining Kit that includes all the above features plus a lot more. Watch a short video to see how it works
MizaniApps 2020 has released a Contactless Dining Kit to assist restaurants with social distancing measures as they prepare to reopen dining rooms in the coming days and weeks. The kit, which MizaniApps is making available free of charge to restaurants, notably offers technologies to assist restaurants with contactless order and payment, according to an email
Restaurants are operating at reduced capacity and with stricter social distancing measures in place.

In a letter sent to California Governor Gavin Newsom, of which The Spoon has obtained a copy, the Redwood City, CA-based company outlined the technologies on offer in its Contactless Dining Kit. “As our state looks towards reopening for business, it will be important for restaurants to operate in an environment that can reassure customers about their personal safety,” the letter states, before going on to say that the new normal will be “very different” and that “technology can play a very critical role in enabling this new normal.” 
For the Contactless Dining Kit, that technology primarily addresses how restaurants can ensure social distancing during the order and pay process in the dining room. That means plenty of contactless solutions.
MizaniApps Platform already offered a number of contactless order and pay solutions prior to the pandemic; for its kit, the company has pulled relevant pieces of software and hardware and bundle them together.

The contactless menu option lets restaurants place a QR code sticker on tables, which guests can scan to access the menu. Any loyalty or rewards programs the restaurant runs can be integrated into the process. For those guests that can’t use their own device

Restaurants can choose to have those orders directly integrated into their main POS system, or
MizaniApps ordering App Skipper which would definitely be the more contactless way to go.
MizaniApps QR code stickers and table placards, setup instructions, and a web app portal from which businesses can create and manage their online menus. 

As I mentioned earlier,
MizaniApps is giving this pack away for free right now to restaurants. That’s a generous move, given the turbulent times, but it’s also a smart one from a business perspective. MizaniApps is a front-of-house technology company, and at the moment, front-of-house players are fighting to remain relevant in a world where the in-house dining experience will probably never be the same. Allowing restaurants to sample its technology stack for free potentially gives MizaniApps wider exposure across the sector and, so long as execution goes well, helps the company solidify its credibility as an important tech company in the space. 

The company hasn’t yet said if there is a time limit on getting the kit, only that “supplies are limited” and that the offer is only valid while said supplies last.

That it’s chosen to focus on contactless order and payments is also a move that could pay off down the line for
MizaniApps. As a growing number of restaurant industry figures have said, contactless will be the way forward, and one of the most important parts of the restaurant experience to get right is ordering and payments.
MizaniApps can take some headache out of that process for restaurants with its technology, it could win over a lot of new and loyal clients as the foodservice world starts to reopen.

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  • Design

    Extremely simple and intuitive design engine that allows you to create a great mobile experience for your users.
    Access to the Google Font library which allows you to choose from over 800 fonts to ensure a custom brand experience.
    Choose from over a 1,000 beautiful icons to create a modern and easy-to-use app for your users.
    Ready-made design for many different industries to get you started with your app-building journey.

  • Technology

    Build native apps for Apple mobile devices. Create an iOS app and publish it to the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad users.


    Native apps built for Android devices. Build your app and publish it to the Google Play store for Android users to download.

    Mobile apps built with progressive technology. They are delivered through the user's web browser, which allows for a seamless experience - no need to download an app.

    Our drag-and-drop app builder allows anyone to build an app, without coding knowledge. The CMS houses all of our revenue-generating features designed for small business growth.

  • Build All in One

    The “Menu” feature is essentially the same as the “Info-3-Tier” feature, but allows you to specify a price for each item.
    The “Messages” feature serves as your users’ “library” for received push notifications. It allows users to refer back to previous push notifications, view plain text and linked content.
    The “Contact” feature displays important general information such as business location, website URL, contact info (phone & email), and hours of operation.
    Engage your users with easy event promotion. Add upcoming & past events.
    The “Website” feature allows you to easily integrate a web page into your app; all you need is a website URL.

    The “Mortgage Calculator” feature is a tool that allows users to calculate a monthly repayment using variables such as loan amount, loan term, and interest rate.
    The “Tip Calculator” feature allows the user to input the price of the bill, the percentage they wish to tip, and the number of people splitting the bill. Currency and format are adjusted based on the devices’ settings.
    The “Info-1-Tier” feature allows you to insert just about anything that you can insert on a regular web page - it can be thought of as a static HTML page.
    The “Info-2-Tier” while similar to the Info-1-Tier, is categorized in two tiers, with the second tier being more specific. For example: Item list/categories (Tier 1) Item Details (Tier 2)
    The “Info-3-Tier” while similar to the Info-1-Tier, is categorized in three tiers, with the third tier being the most specific. For example: Item list/categories (Tier 1) Item list/sub-categories (Tier 2) Item details (Tier 3)
    The “RSS feed” feature is a convenient way of displaying news and information. RSS feeds load a web page that constantly updates within the app without any manual changes on your end.
    The “Mailing List” feature is a great way to gather contact information from app users so that updates and special offers can be communicated easily and efficiently.
    The “Email Photo” feature allows users to email photos/videos directly from the app. This will allow businesses to post the content on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.
    The “WuFoo Form” feature provides easy integration with WuFoo, a 3rd party form-building site that provides a huge array of features and customization options.
    The “Sports Stats” feature allows you to include a flexible counter inside your app that can be used for sports, fitness, finance, health etc. It also allows users to email their results to an email address specified by you.
    The “Image Gallery” feature is a easy way to display images inside your app. Create a custom gallery through the dashboard or pull in existing galleries from Flickr, Picasa or Instagram!
    The “Fan Wall” feature is a forum that allows users to connect over their shared adoration for your business.
    The “Around Us” feature is a great way to draw attention to hot spots in the area within your app. Users can easily access contact information, addresses and GPS directions for each location.
    The “Podcast” feature allows you to integrate audio and video podcasts within your app. After integrating the feed, it will automatically update with the latest content.
    The “YouTube Channel” feature allows you to display your business’ YouTube channel in a clean, accessible format right within your app. All that is required is a custom URL for your YouTube channel.
    The “QR Scanner” feature allows users to scan any QR code they come across, including yours.
    The “Voice Recording” feature allows your users to record and send voice notes straight to your business.
    Requiring minimal set-up, the “Notepad” feature offers users an easy way to save notes within your app.
    The “Call Us” feature allows users to instantly call you with the tap of a finger.
    The “Direction View” feature offers one-touch directions to multiple locations. It’s quick and easy to set up and there is no limit to the number of addresses you can enter.
    The “Tell Friend” feature is a great marketing tool that allows users to share your business’ app with just a few clicks.
    The “Loyalty” feature allows users to have an in-app version of a traditional stamp card. Including stamp and tiered loyalty, this feature offers easy customization and increased user engagement.
    The “Music” feature is a great way to share and sell tracks within your app by simply importing, uploading or linking to your music files.
    The “Food Ordering” feature is a simple and effective way for your restaurant to take orders through your mobile app. You have full control with customizable menu and pricing, delivery, take-out options and in-app payment.
    The “Reservation” feature uses a built-in booking system that allows users to reserve time slots for various services. Implement commitment fees, manage appointments and receive notifications when appointments are scheduled all from within the app.
    The PDF feature allows you to display PDFs through your app. This is commonly used to showcase flyers, menus, and even reports.
    The “Events v2” feature is the upgraded version of the old “Events” feature. You can import events from Facebook and allow your users to RSVP and post comments and photos.
    The “Email Form” feature is a great solution for generating customer feedback, taking appointment/reservation requests, and gathering info from users.
    The “Car Finder” feature allows users to drop pins when they park to avoid forgetting where their car is located. Users can also set timers to alert them when the meter’s running out, or share the location via email or text.
    The “Fan wall v2” feature allows increased user engagement within your app. Users are able to comment, ask questions, share photos, and discuss with other users what they love about your business or service.
    The “Merchandise” feature is a simple way for your business to make sales through your app. Create a custom marketplace or integrate an existing marketplace (i.e. Magneto or Shopify).
    The “News” feature keeps your app users up-to-date on issues that relate to your business or industry. The content that appears in your feed depends on the keywords you provide.
    The “Membership” feature allows you to limit app access to a chosen group by requiring a special username and password to view the app’s content.
    The “Real Estate” feature is a tool that allows real estate agents to showcase properties they are renting or selling. Import listings manually, via a CSV file, or IDX API account integration.
    The “Social” feature allows users to sync their Facebook and Twitter accounts within your app. It is also a great tool for seamless activity sharing and tracking.

  • Premium Add-ons

    The Private App Store is the perfect solution for businesses with secure and/or confidential information, like schools, camps, corporations etc. Publish fully functional iOS apps without having to subject them to Apple’s strict review process.
    Don’t rely on printers, scanners, or postal workers any longer. Paper forms are a thing of the past with our new Signature add-on. Let users quickly and securely sign documents within your app, saving time and money for your business and your customers.
    You have the freedom to use a single app in multiple countries or in any situation where your users speak different languages. Choose up to five languages, enter your content into the CMS in those languages and voila!
    Take control of your online reputation and get your business to the top of search results by boosting reviews. We prompt app users to review your business and ensure the positive reviews get published online, while you get a chance to handle the negative ones.

  • Push Notification

    Push notifications inform users on new information related to the app, providing valuable and relevant updates, even when the app is closed. They have a wide range of customization options that can increase user engagement.
    Keep track of users and interactions to see how well your app is performing. Make adjustments along the way to deliver the best possible experience to your users.
    Keep a pulse on all of your in-app transactions, from food ordering to merchandise. You can even export the transaction data to make bookkeeping a breeze.
    MIZANI MEDIA CMS is the management tool for your mobile app, built on the GOOGLE Apps platform. It enables you to manage various features directly from your mobile device, including analytics, social media, and push notifications.

  • Integrations

  • Marketing

    Building your app is only the first step, now you want people to use it. Easily create branded marketing materials to promote your app.


    The most effective way to promote your app is through word of mouth. Train your employees to promote the app to customers, using this poster as a reminder.


    Easily share your app on popular social media platforms straight from the CMS, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linked In.

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Doctors, dentists, psychiatrist, nutritionists, physical therapists

Financial & legal
Lawyers, legal consultants, accountants, CPAs, tax consultants, financial advisors


ducational service providers, private tutors, special education instructors

Construction & home services
Contractors, movers, painters, plumbers, electricians, interior designers

Fitness & yoga
Fitness instructors, personal trainers, Yoga studios

Real estate
Real estate agents, interior designers, home inspectors, architects

Coaching & consulting
Business coachers, consultants, career coachers, life coachers, spiritual coachers

Travel & leisure
ravel guides, guest houses, resorts, car rentals

Sales & marketing
Marketing experts, advertising professionals, sales trainers