Clearing the browser cache

Please note this is a visual, caching issue and all changes are being saved into the system. Our Development team has been able to narrow down the issue to the PWA previewer and has developed a fix, which will be deployed in the following days. 

In the meantime, please be aware that there are two workarounds to this issue: all based on either clearing the browser cache or disabling it for that session. 

Advantages: easy to do, plenty of tutorials around the internet.
Disadvantages: you'll have to do that every time you want to see the updated content.

Here are some instructions for the most popular browsers:

Advantage: the main advantage is that there is no need to clear the cache upon every change. Also, it would not cache only the inspected tab, meaning that it would not affect the cache on other tabs or sites (clearing cache may force a re-login).
Disadvantage: the cache will only be disabled as long as you keep the Inspector open. If by any chance you close the Inspector, then it would still cache the site. Also, if you load multiple tabs, you will need to keep the Inspector open for each tab.

You are able to do that by pressing F12 on your Keyboard while having your browser open, to bring up the Developer tools. Then, go to 
Network Tab > Disable Cache, which is available and very similar in most modern browsers: