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A graphic artist as well as a fashion and furniture designer, Zaino Mizani has devoted his time among product design and mixed media. Mizani’s artistic vision has led him to self exploration in all of these disciplines. Born in Tehran, Iran in 1962, Mizani grew up in the rich culture of his home constantly inspired by the architecture and intricate design of ancient Persia. Mixing his sense of the old with the modern day influences of such honored artists such as Gianni Versace, Christian Lacroix, Le Corusier, Jean Puiforcat and Salvador Dali; Mizani infused his graphic skills and all aspects of his background and talents into creating unique works of art.

In 1990, Mizani opened his first business venture Mizani Uomo in San Francisco where he received numerous accolades for design. He has been featured in publications such as “Shops and Boutiques” which included a forward by Giorgio Armani. He also received an award from the American Institute of Architects for Best Retail Design for Mizani Uomo in downtown San Francisco. Concurrently he created the Mizani Hair Products which was later purchased by L’Oreal Paris, it is still today the number one selling shampoo among African Americans. In 1999, Mizani Mobili was created in Miami and became an extremely successful Modern furniture and accessories store which continues to prosper in the country of Mexico.

Today Mizani is lending his talents to the Web industry where he is doing design work for some of the top selling Mobile Apps and at work on multiple projects with Apple.com in the United States, Italy, France.


Working with Mizani Media is sharing the same vision, the same culture. Our creative team is motivated by excellence. We keep up with state-of-the-art technology so we can create projects that will reflect the latest trends in communications. We want to build solid relationships with our clients who, like us, want to create messages that get people talking.


Mizani Media thrives on the idea of proposing communication strategies that are both innovative and creative. We adapt to our clients’ challenges. It is our mission to keep improving and providing excellent service to all our clients.


Mizani Media rapidly became a key player by hiring the best creative people available and producing a number of winning campaigns for major clients. The agency grew rapidly and in 2013, Mizani Media merged with One Web Platform, which helped us reinforce our position as a Mobile Web leader. The future is promising, thanks to a solid creative team and our new office space, which is perfectly adapted to our needs.
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